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A Trick of the Eyes - E-Cover2

Something is Haunting the Town
Adam Longoria has gone missing, and his sister claims she’s seen a bad man in the shadows. Jesse Bachman confronts a terror that is haunting the town of Siouxville. But will he be able to stop a pure evil that wants him dead? “A Trick of the Eyes” is short fiction that keeps readers turning the page…

A Trick Of The Eyes
by Michael Aaron Casares
2017 – Horror
Softback – 60 Pages




A Nicholas Duke Novel
Writer, Nicholas Duke has been invited to a celebratory weekend in Las Vegas with his good friend Neville and his wife, Gladys, and his once estranged lover, Raoul. There are undercurrents stirring, though, as Nick deals with Raoul’s new found love for drugs and excess while trying to control his own attraction to vice. Even Neville and Gladys have a history with elicit substance, and soon all four must find their way through Vegas riding the high of the new American dream: fast fortune and faster living while gambling against all odds. The Distance To The End is the first in a series of Nicholas Duke novels.

The Distance To The End
by Michael Aaron Casares
2016 – Fiction
Softcover –  160 pages




Poetry of the New Enlightenment
This Reality of Man brings together poems that delve into the personal, conscience, social, and humanistic paradigm of the grand illusion called life. Perspective work from a quiet visionary, inspiration from the inner revelation, a view of the times and mindset as seen through his eyes. Transcendent as existential, a collection birthing a dynamic voice poetic and bold.


This Reality Of Man
by Michael Aaron Casares
2011 – Poetry
Softcover – 92 pages





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