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Poems that reach beyond the digital soul.

The Vanishing Poet, poems by Michael Aaron Casares, collects poetry published just prior to the print-on-demand boom, between 2006 and 2010, on the independent circuit via chapbooks, now defunct online literary resources, and either international or limited run publications. Poems gathered in this collection were also previously published in rare, out of print chapbooks: Limbo (Virgogray Press, 2006), Ghost Roads (Virgogray Press, 2008), The Terrorist (Virgogray Press, 2009), and Green Tea America (New Polish Beat Press, 2009). The Vanishing Poet also features previously unpublished poetry that was written during this time period, including poems “Ruins,” “Poem for This Night,” and “This Concerning Neutrality” (a poem not published or printed since its previous publication in 2005’s Sad Height, a collection of poetry written under the assumed name, Jacob Gray). Those familiar with Michael’s work from this era will get a rush of nostalgia as they re-read timeless poetry now available for an innumerable audience. The body of poems lay untouched, with exception to grammatical revision, only few poems saw a face lift, poems that still see relevance to this day like “End the Fed” and “Fourth Estate,” poems that address a social-political concern witnessed by the poet and expressed through his art. As with any mercurial art, though the work does see revision, the poet is careful to keep the meaning, the intonation, and the verve the poem originally presented if not augment. The Vanishing Poet finalizes this lost era of writing, one dependent on the resources and kinetic wherewithal of the poet to share and spread the word of one and many, a time before the great cyber and digital rush that has inundated our libraries and mental faculties with a deluge of ideas, memoirs and publications. It was a time of the silent revolution of the small and independent press. It was part of a last ditch effort to create an organic library of unknown literary masters, and to produce the publications romanticized by the wannabe-beat throwaways of the last millennium; it was a time when one hit the road instead of daydream, to see people face-to-face and not merely their digital soul.

The Vanishing Poet
by Michael Aaron Casares
2020 – Poetry
Chapbook –  106 pages


As Presented in the Virtual Poetry Reading Held April 20, 2020

Poetry From the Edge of Forever is a body of poems presented in a virtual poetry reading on Michael Aaron Casares’ Youtube Channel, The Root of Many Returns. The poems shared were read as a preview to the forthcoming collection, The Vanishing Poet from Virgogray Press.

Poetry From the Edge of Forever
by Michael Aaron Casares
2020 – Poetry
Chapbook –  26 pages

A Trick of the Eyes - E-Cover2

Something is Haunting the Town
Adam Longoria has gone missing, and his sister claims she’s seen a bad man in the shadows. Jesse Bachman confronts a terror that is haunting the town of Siouxville. But will he be able to stop a pure evil that wants him dead? “A Trick of the Eyes” is short fiction that keeps readers turning the page…

A Trick Of The Eyes
by Michael Aaron Casares
2017 – Horror
Softback – 60 Pages


A Nicholas Duke Novel
Writer, Nicholas Duke has been invited to a celebratory weekend in Las Vegas with his good friend Neville and his wife, Gladys, and his once estranged lover, Raoul. There are undercurrents stirring, though, as Nick deals with Raoul’s new found love for drugs and excess while trying to control his own attraction to vice. Even Neville and Gladys have a history with elicit substance, and soon all four must find their way through Vegas riding the high of the new American dream: fast fortune and faster living while gambling against all odds. The Distance To The End is the first in a series of Nicholas Duke novels.

The Distance To The End
by Michael Aaron Casares
2016 – Fiction
Softcover –  160 pages


Poetry of the New Enlightenment
This Reality of Man brings together poems that delve into the personal, conscience, social, and humanistic paradigm of the grand illusion called life. Perspective work from a quiet visionary, inspiration from the inner revelation, a view of the times and mindset as seen through his eyes. Transcendent as existential, a collection birthing a dynamic voice poetic and bold.

This Reality Of Man
by Michael Aaron Casares
2011 – Poetry
Softcover – 92 pages

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