Timelapse (Triptych Haiku)

Long shadows on land
Silhouettes on ocean floor
A single star shines

Sun on grassy knoll
Evergreen rolling verdant

Hushed horizon glow
Softened pink, magenta hues
Inferno-lined clouds


“Timelapse” is a triptych haiku written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 


La Primera

Todos somos son
La verde y la Azul
El sol unido

“La Primera” is a haiku in Spanish and is written by Michael Aaron  Casares. All rights reserved. It popped up first on Twitter, error and all, because we do love live poetry. 


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Dream For the Heart

Crisp, easy breathing
The spring resides outside in
Calming spirits’ plights

Farther is the sky
Feather clouds stretch high the blue
The light is shining

The warming green glows
Heart enables it to grow
A hearth, home to all


“Dream for the Heart” is a haiku tryptic written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.