Poetry at the Edge of Forever: A Virtual Poetry Reading

Virtual Poetry Reading 04.10.20

Join Michael Aaron Casares for a virtual poetry event as he reads select pieces from his upcoming collection, The Vanishing Poet. “Poems from the Edge of Forever” will go live on The Root of Many Returns YouTube channel on Friday April 10th, 2020 at 7 pm central standard time (UC -5). In addition to the poetry reading, there will also be a giveaway for signed copies of The Vanishing Poet and other prizes! Get there early, and get verified! RSVP and spead the word.

Behind the Scenes: A Writer’s Spring Cleaning

Checklists, rough drafts, & research.

Notebooks. Rough drafts. Scratch and scribble. Writers are no stranger to hoarding pages and pages of old writing, throw away lines, brainstorming moments, scribble, and scratch. I finally decided to do a bit of ‘Spring cleaning’ only to find about a dozen tomes (some full, some not) of such writing. I marveled at some of the writings I found, was taken back to ideas I’d forgotten about, and inspired by the possibilities. I found i had enough ammo to keep content coming, books in production, and blog posts rolling .

So far I’ve culled seven notebooks,  a half dozen to go. I think I found another book, which means after The Vanishing Poet, readers can expect two more poetry collections (rapid fire: I’d like to see the subsequent collection available later this year or early next year). Cheers.

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First Thought

Widen our paths of
enlightenment, great poet.
Unveil our eyes from
the smokescreen
the world lays before us.
Show us the stars
and the heavens
mechanic clock
so we may hear
the ticking tock
of time eternal.
Reveal to us,
masterful artisan,
the grandeur of god
and the incarnates
that surround him;
reveal to us death
and show us the fears
that we push away.
Only you can do this
with your shaman quill,
only you can expose us
to a higher truth
we would deign to see
if given the choice.
Even now as you spiral dance
and burn and build new paths,
show us the light of the sun
as it shares the sky with the moon.
Show us the dark of the night
as it greets the sunny day. Dance.
The eternal trance of thought
weighing not on our minds;
strip away the corporeal pleasures
of society; rid our words of everyday
life and mediocrity; take us above
the boundaries of reality, above
ephemeral solidarity; leave these
words barren of what we know
of this world; leave them full of
promise so that as the shadows
set permanent in our eyes, with
divine light shall we see.



VanishingPoet-CoverFront MD

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“First Thought” is a poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. “First Thought” is forthcoming in Michael’s new collection of poetry, The Vanishing Poet. Out April 21, 2020 from Virgogray Press.


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The Vanishing Poet by Michael Aaron Casares will be available 04.21.2020 from Virgogray Press.

Pre-Order your copy now exclusively from TheRootOfManyReturns.com and get your copy signed by Michael, and shipped for free! In addition to that, all orders placed before 04/10/2020 will have their name added to the Acknowledgements Page and published in the book.


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Dissociative Drip Drops of Unwanted Musings

Sitting in the cordial mythic
reality paved as actuality,
a venue synthesized by the
conmen of history, the sun
rises behind the eyes. It breaches
the bubble, pops the protective
layer of lies cocooned over us.
The world tick-tocks in double time
dreams and schemes overlapping,
we pull the intravenous matrix rich
soup we’ve been given to drown
our illusion in delusions of ardent
life, compromising congregations,
concessions  and conditions for the
corruption made law by the influence
of greedy bankers and the businesses,
the bureaucracies, and the governments
they own. The corporate life condones
it; prefers the snake to eat itself; prefers
imposed symbiosis, a parasite sick
needing to live on the hollow bones
of angel wings, the molted feathers of
infirmed black and white doves. It
identifies as a mite, a diseased flea,
a lethal bacteria, a viruses virus, a

is the loss of path,
the removal of self
from the sovereign
being, the sovereign
entity, the sovereign
source, the multi-
dimensional, dark
matter, quanta-logical
unknown embryonic
galvanizing energy
given awareness,
then gifted free will;
now, we can no longer
judge ourselves or
hold ourselves
responsible for the life
we are living. Now,
we pass the torch,
and pass the torch
on any opportunity
given by divine
sanction: the call
to open our eyes,
to open our minds,
to remember; and
to finally decide a
path to take, to be a
conduit to ascension,
to exist as one believes,
to fade into non-existence,
to continuously learn and refine,
to be a cog in the wheel; to sigh
and groan, or step back, look inside
breathe deep, and appreciate.


“Dissociative Drip Drops of Unwanted Musings” is a poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 


Winter Pall



Winter Pall

A silver glow was cast on me,
a silver casque of frozen clemency,
Illuminating wan light into softening sad night
like a phantom once happy now without blithe.
What radiance I saw thereof,
that helmet cold with lack of love,
and I stared deep into the pallid eye
placed by sovereignty within the sky.
Lo!—What feeling unkindly laid on me,
that silver casque of sullen clemency.
That death or doom this light cast down
like despondent child with cause for frown!

Upon myself and upon us all,
a winter gloss, a willful pall.



“Winter Pall” is a sonnet written by Michael Aaron Casares. The piece is shared as an excerpt from his epic poem, The Winter King, published in 2010 by Shadow Archer Press. All rights reserved.