The Root of Many Returns

Pisces Eyes

The universe has been talking to me.Her voice has become incessant.More so than a de ja vu, a reticentdream of muted minstrel stretchingwarped copper screens and meltinghole sunspots. The ballerina in sepiapirouettes in triplicate and spins into oblivion. She is a shadow person of the soul, a black mirrorlacking the substance and vulnerability of the…

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Spring Cycle

Blue, warm, sunny brightWinter is in remissionShadows become long — — “Spring Cycle” is a haiku written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. Get your copy of Michael’s collection of poetry collection, The Vanishing Poet from Virgogray Press.

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Cold Snap (a triptych haiku)

Ice barren to boneKeep warm in the snow kindle Leaves fallen frozen Warm hearth in the homeFoundation keeping steadyComfort hug the earth Beneath thick comfortHeated pockets cozy bringSun sings round the bend — — “Cold Snap” is a triptych haiku written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.

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Black Orpheus: Purple Haze

A black lightof solutions mountedabove me and below. The drums are plummeting with me and into me. She rides, she screams. She has no place here but resides and remains. She is a fixture, a shadow, a pillar. A fractionof a promise lost and kept. No fluidin exchange remembers. Not evenmolecularly. Not even in reticencethe passive memory of Akashic hymnspromise the fine print to…

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Black Orpheus, What Is –

The Black Orpheus poetry series is available to read on Wattpad and on The Root of Many Returns blog. In the now ten-part poetry collection, I am presenting poems in the voice of Nicholas Duke, the protagonist of The Distance to the End. So, in effect, it is his poetry readers are engaging. Black Orpheus:…

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