The Root of Many Returns

Hemorrhagic Insomniac

Baseless, tastelessthe words are sharpenedby the woe, the acknowledgmentof desire and sin togetherescaping the moral authoritythat casts light over darkenedravines and bleeds purityinto the insomnia of night,intended. — — From Verses Espoused with the Brevity of the End Times by Nicholas Duke. “Hemorrhagic Insomniac” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.

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The Process: A Trick of the Eyes

It’s winter time and I’m getting ahead of spring cleaning. First things first, cleaning out some of my old social websites where I have different posts about my writings and projects. I found this one I’d like to share. It is a ‘behind the scenes’ look at my novella, A Trick of the Eyes, a…

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Black Orpheus: Patterns of Defeat

As the sickness slows, dissipates,the eyes seek clarity in the cloudy space of mind. Fog on iris, haze in retina guide like a broken compass, looping the never ending circumference of defeat. Recognition steadilypresent, distraction keeps the conscience at bay,stifles the voice of reason,weighs down the energy that has already plateauedand walked to the edge…

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The Light of the Maskless

I Four children, one mother,unkempt, worried, frowns and grimaces.They are bare to the world,they inhale new air.They bow their heads prepared for reprimand.The mother looks away. They recognize the smile. The way it connects warmly to the eyes. They grit their teeth, they breathe.The mother smiles, too.An air of gratitude, a relief from nerve, a…

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