The Vanishing Poet: Promotional Art

The artwork around any project is always important. Tones and moods are set, ideas are seeded and birthed and at the journey’s end a complete whole of its own. Likewise, promotional art can be the same, and can be important in conveying the message of the art piece throughout the campaign. Here are a few promotional art pieces from the first leg of The Vanishing Poet campaign.


Promo Ad 1: The Vanishing Poet – Out of Dark


Promo Ad 2: The Vanishing Poet – Release Date 1


Promo Ad 3: The Vanishing Poet – Release Date 2


Above are designs used for direct marketing and promotion for the book release. Post-release promotional artwork also focused on keeping with the same theme of a vanished poet stepping out of the shadows, as well as augmenting that concept in subsequent photo shoots.



Promo Ad 4: The Vanishing Poet – Poems from the Edge of Forever


Promo Ad 5: The Vanishing Poet – Q & A Holes Podcast