Holy Ghost

Laws of three / Law of One / sidgel mists / varied sun / masked behind cascading sighs / the fog of distant eclipses / lift the sun through opaque sky / lift and brighten linear vibes / create majestic peace / from muted shadows / haloed sunshine / clouded godhead / we bask / we absorb / we embrace / higher love / a staving off of lunacy / sun light beam direct / home / hearth / womb / source / core

“Holy Ghost” is an ekphrastic poem written by Michael Aaron Casares, and originally published as part of a series on his Instagram. Follow Michael on Instagram. All rights reserved.

Shadow Gate

Shadows cast / nine pillars / darkness strong / long lost light / pierce break through / remnant memory splice / the metered / balanced forces / automnal opposities unite / once in spirit / and once in form ○

“Shadow Gate” is an ekphrastic poem written by Michael Aaron Casares, and originally published as part of a series on his Instagram. Follow Michael on Instagram. All rights reserved.


The sunset cast a fire
red across the vast horizon.
The orange yellow, fire sun,
a sphere of blistering white
at the center,
palpable only as a pebble,
the casting white so bright
it lift the eyes up to the sky.
The red fire,
the fire red that leaves words
once left unread like sands
dancing in a swallow,
have metered down unto the land
clay tabs of wisdom, wakened
by the cosmic forces celestial,
the distant galaxy and shining sun,
blinding fire, light upon light
upon glistening white,
we receive the cosmic source
that comes above and from
the celestial center of our being
and our mind and our existence
and our creation and our light.

“Sundaram” is an ekphrastic poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 




Lights flashing underneath the dull night. / This was how I found release. / The swaying motion, / the artful twirling. / The indignation in the voice. / The spiteful hatred we try to avoid. / We see our enemies in the dance. / We see them stand before us and sway. / They are like leaves in the wind. / They are like dust to dust. / But beneath these distant lights, / beneath these dulling nights, / we find we love them with our hearts, / illuminate in sacred green / and wrap them in divine with / light / light / lightlightlightlightlightlight

“Funnel” is an ekprhastic poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.


No WiFi, Plenty of Projects

Good morning, dear readers. I hope you are well. I am writing a blog post to thank you again for being a reader and joining me on my literary excursions. It has been a fun time as of recent in spite of our current living situation. By that, of course, I refer to the world’s state of quarantine and viral outbreaks. Certainly, we have all found ourselves in a spot we may have never imagined. A mass quarantine was definitely not on my radar; I’d have thought marshal law would happen before something like this, another reason why fiction could never touch the oddities of life, and why art often imitates life.

Nevertheless, we have all been put into a spot of some sort. In my case, I have found myself without work, I haven’t had a secular job for five months now, and all of this started right at the onset of the Covid outbreak and got much harder once it was in full swing. In the middle of the crisis, my father passed away, his final days spent in isolation due to quarantine. It has been tough. We carry on, though.

I carry on.

For creativity.

For art.

For my readers.

The only tasking aspect: no WiFi, no data, slow connections ( I cannot see myself thumbing my phone to compose and post poetry let only fiction, and speech-to-text which I do use quite often is painfully slow) leave me waiting ten minutes for the web browser to open, which does not include the time it takes for word boxes, links, navigation buttons, etc. to populate on the page, and then there’s upload time once the post has been pasted into the text box. First world problems, I know. But, a problem nonetheless for someone trying to get their work out, eventually make a living from their art, and someone wanting to share with their readers. For your patience and understanding, thank you. I’m thrilled every time a reader likes a post, or shares a post. I’m sure the dopamine release may have a bit to do with it, but really, it’s knowing my work is being read, and appreciated. So again, thank you.

What’s coming? The launch of my new collection, The Vanishing Poet, was an utter success. Promotional work and events have been underway with more to come. Please, by all means, if you are interested in reading, a FREE download is still available to readers from Amazon Kindle. I’ll provide the link below (there are two free downloads right now, the other being a chapbook called Poetry From the Edge of Forever). As this quarantine begins to clear, I’d expect public book readings (as opposed to virtual) and a Texas book tour, as well as some readings in California (already in the works), and Oregon, if not a southwest United States reading tour. I’d like to take my work east, to New York and surrounding areas (if anyone has any leads on getting in or knows any good open mics, etc. I’d be grateful for the assist). Currently, I’ve been doing the virtual circuit, so stay tuned for reading announcements.

As I wind up to wind down with The Vanishing Poet, know another chapbook is coming June/July titled, Severance: Poems of a Dystopian America. The next Max Caulfield story is about to drop on Patreon, and my focus is back to fiction. I’m working on a new Nicholas Duke novel, and another installment in the Siouxville horror stories. Stay tuned!

With that, I part. I opened my browser at the start of this, so it should be ready to post as soon as. And before I forget (I am a TERRIBLE salesperon!), if you’d like to lend me some financial support, subscribe to my Patreon (only $1 p/post-with an average of less than 4 p/month), buy my books, or make a one time donation (I take paypal, cashapp, zelle, and square). But more than anything, like, follow, or share my work, and thanks again for taking this ride with me, it’s been some experience. Take care.


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Drip Drip

Dark to light,
the fire burns bright
inside. Reawakened.
The celestial pull of the full moon,
radiant, eminent, cosmic source,
provider of new direction;
necessity costs nothing
to a universe that’s willing to give.
But will you receive?

Dark to light,
the promises of the heart
when full, the gravity of serendipitous
coincidence. Synchronicity. Affirmation.
Let light stream, encase, ensconce from
top to bottom, from the deepest ravine,
the blackest trench, the void awaiting
the negligent, the nothingness awaiting
the conscience guilt riding inside
the vice grip.

Dark to light,
sun dance on a mirthful petal,
trance between the mushroom sphere,
magic, energy essential, a cascade
of glitter and sparks. New life on the
new moon, the sphere slowly begins
to turn. The dark side now illuminate,
reflecting specters of the sun.

Dark to light.

Caught up in a mental cage,
caught up in a guilty pattern,
truth vies for love over your soul,
truth hides from fear within your eyes.
Dark to light, my once angel.
Dispassionate entries mar the dust.
Bring us light. Bring us love.

Dark to light, my once found love,
every ghost shall resurrect, every
thought shall be in-step with
intonation , affirmation, ascension
once released the shadow’s secrets.
In the light there is no darkness,
vast plains spacious horizon lost,
the sun rises on curving circle,
it moves to a stationary place above.

Dark to light, my now lost love,
the source, the sun, it shall remain
until the work of light is done.


“Drip Drip” is a poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.

Get Michael’s new collection of poetry The Vanishing Poet free at Amazon Kindle.