Black Orpheus: The Poetry of Nicholas Duke

Tentative cover art – Black Orpheus: Poems of Dreams and Demntia by Nicholas Duke

Readers of the novel The Distance to the End will be delighted to have collected the poetry and verse of Nicholas Duke, the proclaimed protagonist of the story. Black Orpheus: Poems of Dreams and Dementia by Nicolas Duke will be collected a poem at a time on the Wattpad writing social site along with other literary fiction of LGBTQ horror and dark fantasy. Poetry included in future entries of Black Orpheus will be featured on this website as well until the collection is complete and ready to go to print. Join Michael Aaron Casares as he spins more tales and weaves more poetry through the voice of his poet protagonist, Nicholas Duke and other voices.

The Vanishing Poet: Promotional Art

The artwork around any project is always important. Tones and moods are set, ideas are seeded and birthed and at the journey’s end a complete whole of its own. Likewise, promotional art can be the same, and can be important in conveying the message of the art piece throughout the campaign. Here are a few promotional art pieces from the first leg of The Vanishing Poet campaign.


Promo Ad 1: The Vanishing Poet – Out of Dark


Promo Ad 2: The Vanishing Poet – Release Date 1


Promo Ad 3: The Vanishing Poet – Release Date 2


Above are designs used for direct marketing and promotion for the book release. Post-release promotional artwork also focused on keeping with the same theme of a vanished poet stepping out of the shadows, as well as augmenting that concept in subsequent photo shoots.



Promo Ad 4: The Vanishing Poet – Poems from the Edge of Forever


Promo Ad 5: The Vanishing Poet – Q & A Holes Podcast


Poetry at the Edge of Forever: A Virtual Poetry Reading

Virtual Poetry Reading 04.20.20

Join Michael Aaron Casares for a virtual poetry event as he reads select pieces from his upcoming collection, The Vanishing Poet. “Poems from the Edge of Forever” will go live on The Root of Many Returns YouTube channel on Friday April 20th, 2020 at 7 pm central standard time (UC -5). In addition to the poetry reading, there will also be a giveaway for signed copies of The Vanishing Poet and other prizes! Get there early, and get verified! RSVP and spead the word.