Video: Poetry From the Edge of Forever – A Virtual Poetry Reading

Watch the virtual poetry reading: Poetry From the Edge of Forever

Available for public consumption: Poetry From the Edge of Forever a live virtual poetry reading presented by Michael Aaron Casares held on April 20, 2020. The poetry reading, part in observance of the #StayHome Covid quarantine activities and part in promotion for the new book, The Vanishing Poet just released by Virgogray Press, featured ten poems from the manuscript. The poetry reading was held live on Michael’s YouTube channel also called The Root of Many Returns. Readers of this blog are welcome to view the video above or to visit The Root of Many Returns YouTube Channel. Also, be sure to check out some of the reprisal videos from the presentation and the chapbook published to commemorate the event (available both in print and e-book formats; get a free download now on KindleUnlimited).

Click this link to get your FREE download of Poetry From the Edge of Forever on KindleUnlimited

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Poetry From the Edge of Forever: Reprise! “Faces Turn Their Way” read by Michael Aaron Casares.


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