Justice Delayed

Green flash at the break of dawn,
the hope of the world released in song,
that radiance upon the darkness shine,
and truth amid deception find.

To strike a balance among the conscious minds,
the severance of rigor-mortise once strongly entwined
in coil of mortal perception, a vice of fear,
a sullen casque enforced both far and near.

Await the swift hand of justice as pass the rebellious pyre.
The hollow heroes’ dressed funerals, honor’s procession expired.
Only malice and cancer may merit the fire,
for it was faith and love that kept the consciousness higher.

A day shall arrive where memory provides the model,
and the children of treason shall no longer be coddled.


“Justice Delayed” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 




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Light Presence

A prophetic voice inside the crowd
has promised victory with pride aloud,
has brandished hatred in black and blue
and left vessels corrupted with this sickly hue.

The victims of warfare against the mind,
become soldiers of hatred marching haughtily blind.
They succumb to the songs of the deceiving dead,
an echoing repetition in circles said.

Steadfast, the virtue of light adorn the head,
and cast all lost in a sea of red,
and shatter the grip of the singing dead,
and shatter the hold of the lies they spread.

A heightened right, a sovereign call,
disperse the wave against the wall.


“Light Presence” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.


Respite Americana

Reaching climes not ever thought,
the cleansing process, time has bought.
Mobility serves in striding miles
the marching feet those right beguiled.

No service comes from those left unjust
who’ve taken speech in a deafening hush.
The light that shines on all the dark,
shines bright at root and blackened heart.

It awakens the sleeping civil leaders.
It awakens the once lost oath keepers.
The vowed, silenced, arise masses and majorities;
the shunned, broken their omnipotent security.

The trumpets of a heartbeat begin to ring.
Music in victory the silenced chorus sings.


“Respite Americana” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.