Winter Pall



Winter Pall

A silver glow was cast on me,
a silver casque of frozen clemency,
Illuminating wan light into softening sad night
like a phantom once happy now without blithe.
What radiance I saw thereof,
that helmet cold with lack of love,
and I stared deep into the pallid eye
placed by sovereignty within the sky.
Lo!—What feeling unkindly laid on me,
that silver casque of sullen clemency.
That death or doom this light cast down
like despondent child with cause for frown!

Upon myself and upon us all,
a winter gloss, a willful pall.



“Winter Pall” is a sonnet written by Michael Aaron Casares. The piece is shared as an excerpt from his epic poem, The Winter King, published in 2010 by Shadow Archer Press. All rights reserved. 

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