About My Book, The Distance To The End

So currently at my Patreon  account I am doing a timed release of my novel The Distance To The End. It’s my test run for future novel releases on that page because more will be coming. As you can also purchase the book online or order it at your local bookshop, I probably won’t be posting the chapters on The Root of Many Returns, but I will definitely publish a sneak peak, which is also a deleted scene from the story. I’ll tell you more about that another time. For now, I wanted to share some intel on my debut novel. It was published about a year and a half ago now and is the first in a series of novels that will take readers through the best and worst times of the poet and writer, the protagonist of the book, Nicholas Duke. I consider the book to be literary pop fiction. If you’d like to read a review of The Distance To The End, I have posted one at the end of this blog post, along with a link to the website on which it was published. A brief summation of the story is an excessive Las Vegas weekend, but the story is not a Hangover type shenanigan, rather it examines the relationship of Nicholas Duke and his boyfriend, as well as the relationship of his friend Neville and Gladys Acosta, when a sudden windfall makes it difficult to keep their vices in check. But, hey, it’s Vegas, so what else should a reader expect. There will be a sequel to this book. It is actually something that I will be working on soon. I’ve already begun it, but there are other writerly projects that currently have my attention. I think I’ve already complete the first chapter. As I’ve mentioned, The Distance To The End is the first novel in a finite series of Nicholas Duke novels. It will also be the only novel set in Las Vegas for Nick. I don’t see him going back. I do, however, have plans for a different work of fiction to take place in Vegas, but that’s a future future manuscript waiting to happen. For now, I can only encourage readers to pick up a copy, or subscribe to my Patreon and get chapters at an easy and gradual pace. If you order the book direct from me, you’ll get a signed copy that includes free shipping and handling. And don’t forget to stay tuned for the sequel to The Distance To The End. Thanks for the read. As always, more poetry, fiction, and haiku await. Have a great experience!


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The Distance to the End
by Michael Aaron Casares
Serasac Press

reviewed by Yuliya Geikhman

“We were creatures of the moment. We were high on life in ways some would never understand.”

Four former drug users return to Las Vegas to celebrate a substantial lottery win. What could possibly go wrong? Nicholas Duke is drinking the moment in. For him, life is perfect. He has his estranged boyfriend, Raoul, back in his life, and his two best friends, Neville and Gladys, are around to partake in some nostalgic activities. The four are living the high life of limos, private planes, and lots and lots of drugs. None of them seem to realize that a lot can happen in just one short trip, especially when your destination is the city of vices.

In fact, vices are a central theme in the friends’ adventures. Despite their mixed backgrounds, Nick and his friends all equally partake in an impressive number of mind-altering substances. They stumble around Las Vegas, fueled by a drug and sex high. The reader is taken along on a ride that starts at a crawl but quickly escalates into a full run. The book reads like a mind-bending dream, seen through Nick’s hazy perception of the world. Between trips (both literal and figurative), Nick ponders the nature of Las Vegas, vices, life and death, and even God. Nick’s relationships with Raoul and others around him are also on display here, revealing how even the strongest bonds between people can become fleeting in an instant.

The Distance to the End reads like a beginning to a grand adventure in life. It leaves many questions unanswered, but shows promise for future entries about Nick and Raoul.


This review was originally published in The US Review of Books. 



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