Maggot Drain by Rozz Williams

This is the end of the line/road come to a close.
Muted vision of the dead blends exhaustively
with the wretched night that binds it,
blinds us in wanton light—
a flight not so easily ignored
by those in whose arms death waits, enthroned…
These are the nights of wasted bones,
traced footsteps in mud, the dull thud
of laughter caught in leprous waves
crashed without mercy as a reminder
of a spent future, lost past, a void existence.
Time and again.

Wind blown
Sky scatters
Embryo in flames

But will it always incur so much unwarranted pain?
Clouds ripped open by a band of sleepless souls
intervening from the other side of life.
Throats cut like sacrificial lambs at the demon’s altar.
The seemingly endless invasions by huge, staring monsters
(those who go nameless among the largely unwanted masses)
occur every day.

I pass them by,
those gayly painted runners
in this mad dash to nowhere fast.
At last a slight relief from those
strangely demented eyes…
Seething, beaming wildly
in lonesome sunset to down.
Maggot-drain-brain-crabs/insect-larvae-sex-death strutter.
In the same breath, dusted nectar of heart’s blood gone to rust.
And I trust you’ve felt the same sharp, telling pinpricks
as our minds digress/regress.

Transformation into a new you must take place
like a pelt worn over milky skin and alabaster sheets
rolling off an unmade bed in bliss and the
Devil’s shattered kiss.
You gyrate for a dead world,
try to raise erections from its corpse.
Roll over and bite hard on that dead meat.
Beat it over and over again.

Well it has been a conscious decision on my part
to betray those digressions, although as you can see,
I sometimes fail, and lest I forget what brought me
to the first and last, it was orgasmic rush, hope, and trust
like flies with wings removed.

Paralyzed parasite that I have set my gaze upon,
how quickly you lose what I was craving,
raving mad and pleased to meat you.

…….Catch as catch can……..


“Maggot Drain” was written by the late Rozz Williams. This poem and other selections from his spoken word album, Whore’s Mouth. All rights reserved.


A Fire of Uncommon Velocity by Rozz Williams

Lecture of nectarines taking precedence over
the vast emptiness of my name and quickly depleting body
collapsed in holy withdrawal and a shivering wound left
unhealed by time or paranoia. Hopeless hope of nothing
to come but lonesome nights in the thick of nowhere.
Juniper daze and hold me over the barrel of your gun.
Ancient aneurysm of dysfunctional maladies,
bitter taste lingers on a tongue of misfortunate choice.
There, beneath hideous green/blue liquids await truths yet untold,
and by token of my own relinquished desire, a fire of uncommon velocity
burns the palate in star/space speed and brooding collapse…
Flat on my back, eyes turned towards heaven, black after that.
All else fades and in this haze of unequaled delirium,
I become the father who in life has evaded me
for all to see my religious frenzy played out
in turbulent half-acts at rosary pinwheels.
Blood drips wearily from the wounds
of childhood affliction, claws ripping inwardly.
Forget all I’ve previously tried to raze
and instead gaze upon the altar now assembled
to erase that which gave birth to this unfortunate
man/child. With a slightly crooked smile, replace torn,
umbilical rip cord in defense of my premeditated crime.
Unworthy bastard they call I.
And I alone shall stand  in judgement
of the mirror held before me.
Cracked down the middle
like quicksilver oozing down your golden throat,
a blood-letting jab through the arteries of stasis,
and chaos floods the body like a broken dream…
Holding on in bold-faced desperation,
holding on to one last fatal glimpse,
hands meet, touch, retract.
Burned to ember, weakness has
sunken in and taken its place at the head of this dark parade.
Stormtroopers attack, bringing up the backwash of bile,
a vile agenda lived out in monotonous pain,
forming shit soaked lives denied by those who fake at life.
Denied, maligned, redefined circles of shit costumed as shit,
cherishing shit as though we are indebted to it.
May we live to regret or forget?

This nightmare is in overdrive;
a fire of uncommon velocity.


“A Fire of Uncommon Velocity” was written by the late Rozz Williams. All rights reserved. 


Dear Skin by Rozz Williams

Electronic babble
Shove off with thine elastic attitude
You condescending fuck hole, you tiny little prick
You don’t have the persuasion to crash down my power of hope with rationalization

Tower of rubble, shovel dirt back in that open hole
My soul residing? Hiding there
A devilish grin of rich desire, more fire devouring flame
And shame on you, rust beggar, the one I’ve longed for
You splendid whore

No gift perhaps, to reason on the lips of this sad, mad man
Overtaken by a vile dream in which I tumbled to earth on my disassembled feet
And you must not treat me like the others; we are not one in the same
Removed, proved to be of higher honor, least the trumpets wail
Fail to find release from this anchor, rancor of bullshit ties, these drownings

Electronic babble
Tower of rubble – shovel dirt back in that open hole
No gift perhaps to reason on the lips of this sad/madman
God forgive my slightly shifting lines in thought disfiguration

Meat as meat… defeat the source of that which spurns thee
As for me, do not mistake my misgivings as indifference to this madness that surrounds me
Often time I flee from this torturous mindstyle/deathstyle reunion
Just another onion head
Polished meal of spine structure and jaundiced horns
All the endless fragments of this distorted view of life
My soul, sold… My being? Maybe
Toss, turn, burn the smile that tries to waste you
There is no hope in repetative warfare/nightmare but then again, who the fuck am I to care?
Let us take heed of memories foretold, dear skin

“Dear Skin” was written by the late Rozz Williams. All rights reserved.


Adjusting The Blossom

Good evening dear readers,

I sit in front of my computer on a rainy December midnight. Freshly the 27th of December, I thought I’d drop a note on reblogging “In The Eye of The Blossom,” a haiku triptych I shared last month on the blog. But first, I also want to say thank you to the readers and bloggers that have joined The Root of Many Returns. Feel free to leave comments, like, share, or reblog. You can also get more involved by joining my Patreon account, or purchase any of my books.

So, speaking of reblogging, I shared this haiku again because upon reviewing my site, I realized that the triptych was mangled. See the snapshot depicted here:


Capture of the original posting of “In The Eye of the Blossom” on The Root of Many Returns.


Readers were kind enough not to call me on it, and four bloggers kind enough to like it. Thanks for the faith, dear readers. Certainly you’ve seen I can handle my haiku. This was merely a formatting error. In my need for perfection, I’ve reblogged the corrected edition. Of course, in humility’s need for dominance, even the reblog’s formatting was mottled. But if you click on the original link, the triptych is pristine. I encourage you to take a gander, if not through the reblog, through this link:

Haiku, as per tradition, always requires specific formatting. Hopefully the original version was not seen as a challenge to what we know and hold dear. Or didn’t make me seem like an illiterate fool. Ha ha. The triptych in particular is my favorite version of the haiku, where the meaning and the essence carries through a triad of traditional haiku. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I will continue to share both versions of haiku, and we’ll see where I go with this mode. I hope your holidays have been well. Best regards.


Michael Aaron




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Fallen October Leaves November Insulated

Greetings, dear readers.

October was a fruitful month for me. I’m surprised at the poetry specifically because I haven’t written new verse in a while and I seemed to overflow with it. For me, anyway, that was a good hoard of new work. And I shared it here first. I hope you enjoyed. I may have mentioned it somewhere in time that I am releasing a new collection of poetry soon. I

Michael Aaron Casaresneed to finish editing a few of the poems, and it’ll be good to go. It would have been nice to have released it this year, but for quality’s sake, I foresee it sometime in 2019. I will also give more specifics about the collection soon, too. Though I can say, some of the poems may appear on this site.

I am debating how far to take you with fiction. I don’t have a pulse for preference lest I were to examine this sites stats. The poetry definitely seems popular, but the fiction? Does one prefer flash-type, micro fiction, or more? I don’t readily have a plan for the fiction I am sharing, though if you follow the tags you may see some stories will be part of a bigger piece. I plan to share plenty more short fiction, to include flash, vignettes, and whatever other mode I may feel like venturing into. I apologize I can’t give you a handle on an exact style. That’s just not my style. The Nicholas Duke series is pure fiction. It strives to be literary fiction, but it is at least that. Fiction. I wouldn’t say my preference is in the magical realism style, but I definitely enjoy taking spins on reality and what we know. I will also be doing a fantasy series. I was previously working on the fourth chapter of the first novel. I will most likely share some short stories from that series.  I also have plans for the next installment for the Nicholas Duke titles. I debated regarding a sequel to The Distance to the End, and part of the hold up was realizing that sequel or not, it is not time for that story. There is another Nicholas Duke story you must read. It’ll take him deep into the heart of Texas, it’ll be a wild experience. In the meantime be sure to get a copy of The Distance To The End, the first in the Nicholas Duke novels.

So aside from poetry and short fiction, some other changes occurred. Specifically to the website itself. The blog upgraded to a dot com. The Root of Many Returns dot com. I’ve decided to do away with most of my other extemporaneous sites and to make this site the hub of all my communications. Aside from my Patreon, but that will soon have an overhaul, too. I’ll let everyone know when that is done so you can take a look at my ideas and see if it interests you enough to support.I am not much on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, though you will note I do have accounts. I still tend to post on Instagram and will soon make the account public. I also use my Google accounts and Messenger accounts less and less, if at all. I encourage reaching out through the contact form via the Contact Page.

I can say for sure this month there will be more poetry and, perhaps some short fiction. Be sure to share and like your favorite pieces. Subscribe, and join our community of readers.



Raining on a Mustard Seed

The blog and writer has returned only in this late hour. I welcome you all back once again. Unsure how to begin this rabble, I rest assured the work of my literary prowess shall unfold and multiply. Consolidation. I’ve mostly thought of consolidation and of censorship. I don’t have anything to fear, I hope. The question is, what will I continue to share with you? And what would I be allowed(?)?

There is a certain atmosphere dispersed among the creators, and those that value expression and the ability to do so. First of all, before I get sidetracked. Let’s talk about consolidation. The works of my Patreon account, and the works of my blog. In most instances, what I publish there, I shall publish here eventually. Patreon is pay for play, but I assure you there is exclusive content. What do you think? Does it matter? A place to make donations for my work is a way to look at it. Or you could just buy my books (wink wink). I am between deciding to be rid of it, or severely limit its content. How exclusive will it get? Probably alternate endings, behind the scenes schtick, and stuff like that. Fiction and poetry may appear in advance of content published here at The Root of Many Returns.


I will not wax long about the aforementioned, second thought regarding the ability to express. Whether they are ideas expressed artistically, or written as a genuine declarative statement, it is valuable to have the ability to do so regardless the content or from whom the character it is spoken. So long as it does not insight violence, or call to harm others, so long as it is not acted upon if malignant, it has the right to exist, to be shared, but not received. That’s all I have to say about that.

And that’s about all I have to share this time. Be sure to return and I promise not to be so vague and short. Of course, the writing is on its way. Like. Subscribe. Share. Thank you.



Patreon December Recap

Happy New Year, reader. I hope yours is well. I wanted to post an example of the work I am publishing on my Patreon page. I assure this is not an attempt to defer you to another website because I’ll have plenty of new writing on this blog, too, but so there are clear examples of the kind of content you will get on that feed as opposed to this one. I think The Root of Many Returns and my Patreon feed are growing symbiotically, and I’d like one to fuel the other. Anyway, this is what I published over at Patreon in December:



  1. Photo: “Remnant Future”
  2. Digital Download: “The Perfect Distraction”
  3. Video: “Winter at the Beach” (poem)
  4. Blog: Christmas Wishes
  5. Fiction: The Distance To The End Chapter 3
  6. Haiku: “In the Eye of the Blossom”
  7. Video: Patreon Vlog No. 3 – Part 1
  8. Video: Patreon Vlog No. 3 – Part 2
  9. Poetry: “A Thousand Years Away”
  10. Video: Behind the Scenes – Editing & Revising “A Trick of the Eyes”


As the Patreon feed is kind of like a subscription service, my focus is continuing to provide new content for my patrons. There’s a little pressure to it, but it’s good for me. I’ve produce much more in my time on Patreon than I have the previous year. I was at an odds with it slightly, considering that patrons would have to donate to access any content, but that’s how The Root of Many Returns comes into play. Of all the items published at Patreon in December, I think the poem, the haiku, and maybe the photo would make it to the posts of this blog. Everything else would be Patreon exclusive content. I think those are kind of cool perks for those interested. And when I reach a certain goal I’ll probably open the poetry, haiku and photography to the public on Patreon. And then these two sites will truly be in sync. I can’t wait for that day. The point, though, is to share my work with you. And that’s why I want you to stay here at The Root of Many Returns, because it is important to me that you get to read what I have to write. You can consider Patreon a monthly tip that gets you different kinds of content-gratis. And if you really like my work, you can get a copy of my book, The Distance To The End, and This Reality of Man, and soon, A Trick of the Eyes — digital versions of both are coming soon.

Thanks for hanging around. I’ll be returning shortly with more poetry and fiction. Take care.