Upon Dying

A sun melting day syruped
golden rings, amber glistening,
in the green sea sky above.
Passed the gates in heaven’s
bay, where sun ringlets ripple
like songs on the shimmer sea
surface, the voyage to solace
soft ‘scapes and dream sway
in my mind. Tranquil, quilt
white dreaming in the existence of space
and vast transcendent waves resonate
like swans trip/trickle tears
through the tapestry of water and
space. Stars and bubbles stir
the cosmic mirror of their
reflection as the currents persuade
their dual moving steps passed
the thresholds they make.
Soft sun glimmers on the ocean
mirror surface like a glassy sheen,
like a crystal’s gleam. Stare through
the gates, you and I, to the lot
described by the season’s sigh:
sunlight dazzles with the euphoric
image of hollow medallion ringlets
and casts glass stones like diamonds
rain from the sun beds above.
The fumes of golden yellow and
glinting orange illuminate and
pulse like a mirage of embers.
Warm light showers curtains
of life that bathe our frozen
stone bodies. You and I,
found in the land of home
sweet summers, outlive the
intoxicating blue—haplessly,
happily, sail away on
the green mirror sea.




“Upon Dying” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.

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