Tree of Life

Deep in the heart
strains and burns
multiple tragedies
against life.

Casualties of the ego
or death by necessity,
martyrs installed to
move narratives.

The masking task
of distraction,
sacrificing nothing
but the most precious
commodity to man.

Mine deep the wells
of the soul, emerald
gemstones weighed
against deep sapphire,
the golden core is
protected inside.

Ruby red blood
stones the sacred
floors, the spirit turned
and stuck between two

Lament as the devil
acts out and throws tantrums
because his time draws near.
His father hath come
in his blazing white,
orange light.

He mangles the vines
of pride with neon rays
of sunlight and spills
in the dark
where rapists
and pedophiles

He takes away
and locks up
their souls.

He is loved by
those good of

The healing roots
of the Tree of Life.
Residual strength
lent to the masses.
Strong hearts rich
and true, resonant
love to help light



“Tree of Life” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.



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