Memory Found

Digested horizon, verklempt.
Sunrise inferno, rose fuchsia,
periwinkle, cadet and into
midnight. The last stars hide
on the horizon. The last
dreams warm and alive,
active conscience, escaped.
Dignity rises with the eyes
of the eagle, the eyes of the
smiles broadened by martyrs
whom recognize their time.
Gold medallions, and statues
of recognition rise inside
deep wells once pursued
by the integrity of the
selfless and mighty;
objectified by the greedy
and proud. The iris is
fractured, the pupil
defunct. The inside view
is obsolete and closed.
It yearns to open.
It yearns to dance
across a screen of
electricity, excited,
gregarious and gay.
It discerns the passageways
that pulsate and pendulate,
it absorbs the vibrations
and watches the reactions.
It learns. Then,

it remembers.

The waves roll around it,
and eventually open up
to it and snuggle along
the vision, moving it
forward like a muscle
pushing out, to crown
and birth the glorious
sun that illuminates
in wan strokes that
blanket over the sky
and refractions a
kaleidoscope of
warm and teeming
energy that venerates
the coin now firmly
lodged in view,
and radiates
soft lightning
that strikes rapidly
and reanimates
the vision inside
the wells and inside
the mind. It chases
shadow with a slow
stalk. Ensconced,
the world and its
brutal magnetism
rise, ignite the
human conscience.

You remember.



“Memory Found” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 


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