Severance Rebirth

The shadows of summers
passed fall like leaves
turn to dust, indifferent
to nature’s flow, caring not
for synchronicities or coincidences,
a demarcation of written history
and history being written.

The waning bagpipes stutter
to a halt and rattle away like
the pipedreams cooked up
nightly by sleepwalkers,
a daylight reverie, a trance
induced by the advancement
of processes and technicalities.

A sex born poison fumigates
the landscape wretchedly. Putrid
stench of filth and sewage, a
hemorrhage of the bowels
places red scars, scarlet marks
on the faces of the many batteries
that power this co-opted reality.

Gridlocked, swaying toward
a sun bright future, the chains
of empathy and desire wear
off.  The weight eases off
with the flesh, delicate,
timed precisely to flake
away with the snow
and sleigh bells, the
wan harps and
laughter of
old ghosts.

The crown descends,
the sacred breath of life
is given and taken,
and the first
is given,
a wail to the world,
a burst of recognition
and remembrance,
gratitude as
the memories
fade away
and we



“Severance Rebirth” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 



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