End the Fed

We’re not joking
The words,
the worshippers,
the serpents
and the snakes,
the dividers
among us.
The stakes
have been held
captive, a pretense
of a threat.
The dreams
have materialized:
Fact was made
in the history
books of our
but the fiction
of the past
haunts like
a government
template we
call the Orwellian
classic. Big Brother
Syndrome. A drone.
Big Brother Drones
knocking on my door,
they’re eating up my
data, they’re asking
me for more. They
want this, as much
as they can take
to fuel the paranoia
that they instigate.

They stopped joking
a long time ago,
these sinister fiends
of perpetual debt.
They’ve been
working, and
we’ve found
them out.
I will route
you out, serpents!
I will root you
out! I will root
you from your
dens, thieves,
The subtlety
is scary,
the shadow
of their total
Is this how
he did it? Adolf?
We know he
listened to the
dictates of the
bankers, the
money changers,
he just let them be.

From Adolf to Wilson,
from Hoover to Roosevelt,
they just let them be.
From LBJ to Carter,
from Bush to W.,
they just let them be.

Adolf and George
sitting in a tree
signing away
our rights
to make

They’re telling
their lies and
with false flags
terrorize. False
flags terrorize.

The government
lost control, and
the people were
sold as another’s
property, under
a literal master
who’s illusion
of debt controls
the perception
of this life.

And now the rain
begins to drizzle,
its warm dissent
hits the head, splats
the foreheads, lands
on eyelids, tickles
the cheek as it
streaks deep

And all eyes
have begun
to open, a slit
of recognition,
a sliver
of memory
searching for
the power to
burst wide open,
to fully see
the pit
this policy
has dragged
us to; in this
dirty mire, in
these filthy
chains, stiff,
half asleep,
desiring just
to dream,
desiring just
to believe
in the good
of man.

I wanted
to believe.



“End the Fed” was originally written in 2005  and is a piece regarding the poet’s political/social views of the time. The piece is still relevant in today’s socio-political climate, if not moreso. Though limited, this type of poem does make appearances throughout the poet’s career, as he feels artists and poets cannot ignore any part of the human landscape. Whether overt or symbolic, the patriotic poem, or that which utilizes social commentary tempered to political thought, is a constant theme occurring throughout the expanding library of this writer’s work. “End the Fed” is perhaps the most overt of Michael’s patriotic poems, to the point it may be considered an activist poem; it is also one of the few poems to date that have a musical soundtrack accompaniment. It is forthcoming in the new collection of poetry, The Vanishing Poet (soon from Virgogray Press). All rights reserved.

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