Drip Drip

Dark to light,
the fire burns bright
inside. Reawakened.
The celestial pull of the full moon,
radiant, eminent, cosmic source,
provider of new direction;
necessity costs nothing
to a universe that’s willing to give.
But will you receive?

Dark to light,
the promises of the heart
when full, the gravity of serendipitous
coincidence. Synchronicity. Affirmation.
Let light stream, encase, ensconce from
top to bottom, from the deepest ravine,
the blackest trench, the void awaiting
the negligent, the nothingness awaiting
the conscience guilt riding inside
the vice grip.

Dark to light,
sun dance on a mirthful petal,
trance between the mushroom sphere,
magic, energy essential, a cascade
of glitter and sparks. New life on the
new moon, the sphere slowly begins
to turn. The dark side now illuminate,
reflecting specters of the sun.

Dark to light.

Caught up in a mental cage,
caught up in a guilty pattern,
truth vies for love over your soul,
truth hides from fear within your eyes.
Dark to light, my once angel.
Dispassionate entries mar the dust.
Bring us light. Bring us love.

Dark to light, my once found love,
every ghost shall resurrect, every
thought shall be in-step with
intonation , affirmation, ascension
once released the shadow’s secrets.
In the light there is no darkness,
vast plains spacious horizon lost,
the sun rises on curving circle,
it moves to a stationary place above.

Dark to light, my now lost love,
the source, the sun, it shall remain
until the work of light is done.


“Drip Drip” is a poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.

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