Black Orpheus, What Is –

The Black Orpheus poetry series is available to read on Wattpad and on The Root of Many Returns blog. In the now ten-part poetry collection, I am presenting poems in the voice of Nicholas Duke, the protagonist of The Distance to the End. So, in effect, it is his poetry readers are engaging.

Black Orpheus: Poems of Dreams and Dementia is a work-in-progress style publication I am sharing with readers as I create each poem for the collection. Once the collection is complete, I may publish it. I may include in the next Nicholas Duke novel due out later this year. Whether a chapbook publication, or a full length collection, I’m not sure. My next full length collection of poetry, Even in Death, will be out later this year as well. Now, as per what Black Orpheus is about? The easiest answer: addiction. Addiction to life. Addiction to death. Addiction to personalities, alcohol, situation, drugs, and ascension. It is about the will to overcome, and its brought to you by Nicholas Duke by way of my ghost hand. If you have a WattPad account, please follow, like and share Black Orpheus. I have a new story coming soon on Wattpad, this one also a work-in-progress. The story is called “Sex Demons.” While I’m not aboslutely sure the direction this story is

going to take, I will be sure to notify readers when it is available. “Sex Demons” will be exclusive to Wattpad, unlike Black Orpheus, which I have shared simultaneously at WattPad and, here, at The Root of Many Returns.

The Evolution of a Series, the Pathology of a Writer

The Distance to the End was published in 2016 and slated as the first in a series of six novels that follow writer at large, Nicholas Duke. While the crux of the series is yet to be revealed, some clues are dropped in the novel. To throw another dimension into the mix, I’ve elected to create a manuscript of Nick’s poetry, a sort-of framed collection within the Nicholas Duke lit-verse. While Black Orpheus: Poems of Dreams and Dementia is in idea a book of symbolic and sometimes metaphysical poetry, it is also about addiction and uses the shadows of dreams to cover for its precious lost dignity. A simple dissection of the verse may or may not parlay those Easter eggs to wanton students of literature, but may to even the slightly initiated. The next two Nicholas Duke books are in the works, though not simultaneously. Where The Distance to the End saw Nicholas rousing rabbles

in the suave streets of the Las Vegas of the new millennium, one of the new volumes will find Nick Duke down south in Texas and Mexico proper. The Nicholas Duke novels are about a new millennium poet and writer finding his voice amid a cast of bad influences, sordid mentors, compromising situations, and clandestine rendezvous–all naturally or chemically elevated to the pleasure of the reader. Of course.

What are the Sex Demons?

The “Sex Demons” is a planned work-in-progress to debut on WattPad later this winter. While readers will need a WattPad account to be notified when a new chapter is released, “Sex Demons” will only be available on Wattpad. I haven’t decided the length of the story, but will be wrapping that up as I conclude brainstorming. In the same vein of the Max Caulfield Serials, “Sex Demons” is erotic LGBT speculative fiction. Max Caulfield is not the protagonist of the story. Go to Wattpad, get an account and subscribe to my page to get up to the second notifications about “Sex Demons” and when new parts of “Black Orpheus: Poems of Dreams and Dementia” are available.

Cover art to Black Orpheus: Poems of Dreams and Dementia


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