Behind the Scenes: A Writer’s Spring Cleaning

Checklists, rough drafts, & research.

Notebooks. Rough drafts. Scratch and scribble. Writers are no stranger to hoarding pages and pages of old writing, throw away lines, brainstorming moments, scribble, and scratch. I finally decided to do a bit of ‘Spring cleaning’ only to find about a dozen tomes (some full, some not) of such writing. I marveled at some of the writings I found, was taken back to ideas I’d forgotten about, and inspired by the possibilities. I found i had enough ammo to keep content coming, books in production, and blog posts rolling .

So far I’ve culled seven notebooks,  a half dozen to go. I think I found another book, which means after The Vanishing Poet, readers can expect two more poetry collections (rapid fire: I’d like to see the subsequent collection available later this year or early next year). Cheers.

Pictured here: the first rough draft for the Table Of Contents for my poetry collection, Vanishing Poet; a checklist of titles for an upcoming fantasy series I’m working on, and notes for a novel in development called The Things We Own; notes about the cause of the American Revolution; poetry and a fragment that reads:

“What will they do? I should have known you’d always scratch the itch. And I will. I was up above it. Whispered passed. Revolution. If I can then I will.

“What will they do?
Your blood you can not buy. It’s Unforgettable.”

I sometimes forget I went through a period of pronounced DaDa and absurdist annunciations.

Stay tuned, dear reader, I’ve got much more to share. Thanks for joining me thus far.

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