Writing at the Dawn of a New Year

Alas, dear readers, it is the dawn of a new year. Well, I’m glad for it. The lack of posts to this blog has not gone unnoticed. To that end, a fresh cut. My method of existence, as a writer goes, is slowly crystallizing. It is crystallizing nonetheless. I’ve kept myself busy, though with secular work and the holidays, as well as writing and creating. Over in Patreon-land, I am trying to wrap up the year. I wanted to post another poem, but the likeliness of that happening is waning to me. I already did a vlog up date, a Behind the Scenes clip and possibly one more thing to wrap up the year. I enjoy sharing video snippets about my processes and other things. But, I’ve got to re-focus on the writing. The best part of the last month is that I finally finished my newest short, titled “Faery Hill.” It’s a dark gay fiction with a touch of magic. I won’t be posting this to Patreon immediately as it is in submission to an anthology. And I’m also in the editing and revision stages. I’m glad I had the chance to write this story. Regardless if it sees publication. I am pleased I was able to take on an external challenge and see it to completion. I am satisfied with the story and am pleased with what I wrote. And I couldn’t be more redundant. I also feel I’ve hit a mark in what the editors may be looking for to include in their anthology. More on that as it develops. In the meantime, I may offer an alternate ending on the Patreon stream, and you’ll be able to check it there if it perks your interest.

Now that this is complete, I can refocus on writing my next short story, a story of Kontraskia. As I have mentioned, Kontraskia is a fictional fantasy world I created, and I shall present its debut piece, which will also serve as an introduction to this world just ahead of the first novel in the Kontraskia series titled, “The Fall of the West Tower,” which I am writing now. I am very excited to introduce you to the characters to come and to the stories I have to tell. It will definitely be something different from what I typically offer, but I think worth the venture. I will continue to share other short fiction as I go along, and I will also finish the sequel to “The Distance to the End.” So, there is still plenty which to look forward.

There is also the poetry, of course. I am currently putting together a new volume of poetry. The volume is titled, “The Vanishing Poet.” I am hoping to get the book out around spring. I’m very excited about some of the work that will be included in the collection, as some of them are very dear to me and have much history. I do also have an idea for another collection to follow, but that’s a bit far out for now. I know this probably sounds like a lot, but I multi-task some. Most of it is time, that’s what I need. I’m grateful for the time I do have, and I am thankful for the time to come. May all our time come. Well, I’m gonna wrap for now. I’ll see you next year. Have a good one.



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