Patreon December Recap

Happy New Year, reader. I hope yours is well. I wanted to post an example of the work I am publishing on my Patreon page. I assure this is not an attempt to defer you to another website because I’ll have plenty of new writing on this blog, too, but so there are clear examples of the kind of content you will get on that feed as opposed to this one. I think The Root of Many Returns and my Patreon feed are growing symbiotically, and I’d like one to fuel the other. Anyway, this is what I published over at Patreon in December:



  1. Photo: “Remnant Future”
  2. Digital Download: “The Perfect Distraction”
  3. Video: “Winter at the Beach” (poem)
  4. Blog: Christmas Wishes
  5. Fiction: The Distance To The End Chapter 3
  6. Haiku: “In the Eye of the Blossom”
  7. Video: Patreon Vlog No. 3 – Part 1
  8. Video: Patreon Vlog No. 3 – Part 2
  9. Poetry: “A Thousand Years Away”
  10. Video: Behind the Scenes – Editing & Revising “A Trick of the Eyes”


As the Patreon feed is kind of like a subscription service, my focus is continuing to provide new content for my patrons. There’s a little pressure to it, but it’s good for me. I’ve produce much more in my time on Patreon than I have the previous year. I was at an odds with it slightly, considering that patrons would have to donate to access any content, but that’s how The Root of Many Returns comes into play. Of all the items published at Patreon in December, I think the poem, the haiku, and maybe the photo would make it to the posts of this blog. Everything else would be Patreon exclusive content. I think those are kind of cool perks for those interested. And when I reach a certain goal I’ll probably open the poetry, haiku and photography to the public on Patreon. And then these two sites will truly be in sync. I can’t wait for that day. The point, though, is to share my work with you. And that’s why I want you to stay here at The Root of Many Returns, because it is important to me that you get to read what I have to write. You can consider Patreon a monthly tip that gets you different kinds of content-gratis. And if you really like my work, you can get a copy of my book, The Distance To The End, and This Reality of Man, and soon, A Trick of the Eyes — digital versions of both are coming soon.

Thanks for hanging around. I’ll be returning shortly with more poetry and fiction. Take care.





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