Raining on a Mustard Seed

The blog and writer has returned only in this late hour. I welcome you all back once again. Unsure how to begin this rabble, I rest assured the work of my literary prowess shall unfold and multiply. Consolidation. I’ve mostly thought of consolidation and of censorship. I don’t have anything to fear, I hope. The question is, what will I continue to share with you? And what would I be allowed(?)?

There is a certain atmosphere dispersed among the creators, and those that value expression and the ability to do so. First of all, before I get sidetracked. Let’s talk about consolidation. The works of my Patreon account, and the works of my blog. In most instances, what I publish there, I shall publish here eventually. Patreon is pay for play, but I assure you there is exclusive content. What do you think? Does it matter? A place to make donations for my work is a way to look at it. Or you could just buy my books (wink wink). I am between deciding to be rid of it, or severely limit its content. How exclusive will it get? Probably alternate endings, behind the scenes schtick, and stuff like that. Fiction and poetry may appear in advance of content published here at The Root of Many Returns.


I will not wax long about the aforementioned, second thought regarding the ability to express. Whether they are ideas expressed artistically, or written as a genuine declarative statement, it is valuable to have the ability to do so regardless the content or from whom the character it is spoken. So long as it does not insight violence, or call to harm others, so long as it is not acted upon if malignant, it has the right to exist, to be shared, but not received. That’s all I have to say about that.

And that’s about all I have to share this time. Be sure to return and I promise not to be so vague and short. Of course, the writing is on its way. Like. Subscribe. Share. Thank you.




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