Red, White, and Bruised

The sum of jokes and hypocrisy
is our land of peace and prosperity.
Eyes like red iron vent hate
and instigate the fights
we pine for. Tempers
like jet white streaks
scream across
third world skies.
Hearts drown blue,
the skin a sickened hue
as the waters of war
engulf our once free

The birds of vengeance ride again!
They melt the pride of red, white and blue
into angry shades like a subdued bruise
that relentlessly wails at the world:

“Where is freedom?”
“Where is peace?”
“Where is the iron-clad
security your profound
vision promised us?”

The acts of patriots
lock away the heart,
remove the rights
to privacy.
Foist chaos
into the
a new
an abomination
of false democracy.

Peace and security
ushered from his
lips, and the prophecy
of this time continues
to unravel, a bullet train
of old thought and unified
conscience married to create
their reality with our strength,
to wish into existence a
self-fulfilling dream,
the final slaughterhouse
designed to trap its victims
once the docile nature of the flesh
weakens and begins to wilt,
the goodness supped up
like milk, bloodied by the
carnivorous child, the
energies lowered,
crashing down
like towering
giants, weakened
by the spider’s bite,
and poisoned by
their children,
and the shadows
that influence.
Deep inside
the state,
the actors
cast their
stories of
pacify our
every need,
blind us
from a sacred
truth where we
see that we are
the stars, and we
are the stripes burning
in united conflagration.
We, the citizens
whose voice
a resolute
amid the
We, the last
rose of hope
for sovereign
and free will
thought and
We are
the people
chosen to cycle
this fleeting
We stand united
to form a more
perfect union
by divine
and the celestial
grace gifted
by the cosmos.

“Red, White, and Bruised” was originally written in 2003 and is a piece regarding the poet’s political/social views of the time. The piece is still relevant in today’s socio-political climate. Though limited, this type of poem does make appearances throughout the poet’s career, as he feels artists and poets cannot ignore any part of the human landscape. Whether overt or symbolic, the patriotic poem, or that which utilizes social commentary tempered to political thought, is a constant theme occurring throughout the expanding library of this writer’s work. It is forthcoming in the new collection of poetry, The Vanishing Poet (soon from Virgogray Press). All rights reserved.

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