State of the Mind

It is in this hour we unite.
Though we are separate,
we peer deep into the
chasm: humanity, a full
and vacant space, voids of mind,
we acknowledge nothing,
see nothing, and
feel nothing.

It is in this hour,
the false power approaches.
It dwells inside the land,
an alien lost and dirty
with gun in hand
and truth in heart.
He grins his final grin
as he crosses the border
of the mind.

Transcend the
do not hurt him.
Vast fortunes burn
in our nations’ towers!
Do not hurt him!

He is an alien from a foreign land,
and we, our unified conscience
geared towards war,
have destroyed
the antiquity of life,
pummeled the gift of choice,
and prostituted what we call

It is in this hour we unite,
different people with differing stories,
separate though together, conscious
paradoxes, separatists, and we
peer into the yawning void
and erase the seeds sown
long ago by an ageless,
greedy hand.

We step together, our cadence
solemn, resolute. We shed
green energies to heal with love;
we shower light replete with
shining sun to cast the duality
away. We find the honor
to repel the lies, and
the courage to remove
the sties, the legion
infecting every eye,
and return vision
to the navigation of
one’s life, and return
providence to free will
and security to all.


“State of the Mind” was originally written in 2005 and is a piece regarding the poet’s political/social views of the time. The piece is still relevant in today’s socio-political climate. Though limited, this type of poem does make appearances throughout the poet’s career, as he feels artists and poets cannot ignore any part of the human landscape. Whether overt or symbolic, the patriotic poem, or that which utilizes social commentary tempered to political thought, is a constant theme occurrying throughout the expanding library of this writer’s work. It is forthcoming in the new collection of poetry,
The Vanishing Poet (soon from Virgogray Press). All rights reserved.



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