Dissociative Drip Drops of Unwanted Musings

Sitting in the cordial mythic
reality paved as actuality,
a venue synthesized by the
conmen of history, the sun
rises behind the eyes. It breaches
the bubble, pops the protective
layer of lies cocooned over us.
The world tick-tocks in double time
dreams and schemes overlapping,
we pull the intravenous matrix rich
soup we’ve been given to drown
our illusion in delusions of ardent
life, compromising congregations,
concessions  and conditions for the
corruption made law by the influence
of greedy bankers and the businesses,
the bureaucracies, and the governments
they own. The corporate life condones
it; prefers the snake to eat itself; prefers
imposed symbiosis, a parasite sick
needing to live on the hollow bones
of angel wings, the molted feathers of
infirmed black and white doves. It
identifies as a mite, a diseased flea,
a lethal bacteria, a viruses virus, a

is the loss of path,
the removal of self
from the sovereign
being, the sovereign
entity, the sovereign
source, the multi-
dimensional, dark
matter, quanta-logical
unknown embryonic
galvanizing energy
given awareness,
then gifted free will;
now, we can no longer
judge ourselves or
hold ourselves
responsible for the life
we are living. Now,
we pass the torch,
and pass the torch
on any opportunity
given by divine
sanction: the call
to open our eyes,
to open our minds,
to remember; and
to finally decide a
path to take, to be a
conduit to ascension,
to exist as one believes,
to fade into non-existence,
to continuously learn and refine,
to be a cog in the wheel; to sigh
and groan, or step back, look inside
breathe deep, and appreciate.


“Dissociative Drip Drops of Unwanted Musings” is a poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. 


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