First Thought

Widen our paths of
enlightenment, great poet.
Unveil our eyes from
the smokescreen
the world lays before us.
Show us the stars
and the heavens
mechanic clock
so we may hear
the ticking tock
of time eternal.
Reveal to us,
masterful artisan,
the grandeur of god
and the incarnates
that surround him;
reveal to us death
and show us the fears
that we push away.
Only you can do this
with your shaman quill,
only you can expose us
to a higher truth
we would deign to see
if given the choice.
Even now as you spiral dance
and burn and build new paths,
show us the light of the sun
as it shares the sky with the moon.
Show us the dark of the night
as it greets the sunny day. Dance.
The eternal trance of thought
weighing not on our minds;
strip away the corporeal pleasures
of society; rid our words of everyday
life and mediocrity; take us above
the boundaries of reality, above
ephemeral solidarity; leave these
words barren of what we know
of this world; leave them full of
promise so that as the shadows
set permanent in our eyes, with
divine light shall we see.



VanishingPoet-CoverFront MD

Pre-order The Vanishing Poet now thru 04.10.20

“First Thought” is a poem written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved. “First Thought” is forthcoming in Michael’s new collection of poetry, The Vanishing Poet. Out April 21, 2020 from Virgogray Press.


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