Black Orpheus: Patterns of Defeat

As the sickness slows, dissipates,
the eyes seek clarity in the cloudy
space of mind. Fog on iris, haze
in retina guide like a broken
compass, looping the
never ending circumference
of defeat. Recognition steadily
present, distraction keeps
the conscience at bay,
stifles the voice of reason,
weighs down the energy
that has already plateaued
and walked to the edge of
construction. Here, where
ambition fights for recognition
and chases the promise of
arrested development,
the rush of thoughts
burning brighter
become powerful odes
of reassurance,
poems of self destruction,
cognizant, a spectator
outside itself
as the patterns mapped
blindly seize momentum
in pursuit of a dream
forever false.

“Black Orpheus: Patterns of Defeat” is written by Michael Aaron Casares. All rights reserved.


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